Dragon watches are huge in China. Here are 4 of the best

Fire-breathing timepieces have never looked so good.

EDGAR staff October 21, 2014

With China having an insatiable appetite for high-end watches - the country overtook the US as the world's number one luxury watch market in 2012 and hasn't looked back since - there are a growing number of watchmakers looking to increase their appeal in the Far East.

And if you want to appeal to people in China, there's no better way than sticking a dragon on something. Not only is the fire-breathing beast one of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, but its also thought of as an auspicious animal in Chinese culture, therefore anything bearing a dragon is bound to go down extremely well.

Here are four of our favourite examples of watches that have embraced the power of China's favourite mythical beast:

Corum Golden Bridge Dragon

Arnold and Son HMS1 Dragon Limited Edition

The menacing-looking dragon featured on this extraordinary timepiece is a genuine work of art. 

Created by pouring red gold into a mould, then painstakingly hand-engraving the fine detail over a period of two weeks, it wraps itself around the narrow baguette movement just a hair's breadth away from touching it, and has its tail tipped with a perfectly shining pearl.

The remarkably precise Calibre CO 113 beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour, and it's equipped with a variable inertia balance to ensure that it remains regular over the long term.

Vacheron Constantin L'empreinte Du Dragon" 1/1

Vacheron Constantin L'empreinte Du Dragon" If you're looking for a truly special dragon watch, they don't come much more special than this one-of-a-kind specimen from Vacheron Constantin. 

Featuring an intricate hand-engraved dragon scale pattern on the case, this 457-component masterpiece boasts tourbillon plus perpetual calendar complications as well as sunrise and sunset indicators and a 14-day power reserve. Simply stunning.

Richard Mille RM 057 Jackie Chan

Richard Mille Tourbillon Jackie Chan 057 Continuing its ongoing collaboration with legendary martial arts actor Jackie Chan, Richard Mille produced this beautiful tourbillon, which is limited to just 36 pieces worldwide.

Featuring a red-eyed golden dragon coiled around its face and gripping the tourbillon bridge with one of its claws, the timepiece also has an engraved Jackie Chan signature set in the black Onyx baseplate, which rotates every minute.

Arnold and Son HMS1 Dragon Limited Edition

Arnold and Son HMS1 Dragon Limited Edition The stunning 22-carat gold dragon on this Arnold and Son watch is inspired by one of the creatures depicted on the famous Nine-Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, northwest of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

It's mounted on a black lacquered dial with powdered gold indices for minutes and features a hand-woven movement that's just 2.7 millimetres thick.