Richard Mille: The 21st century watchmaker

July 12, 2014

Who: French watchmaking house. 
Founded: 2001.
Known for: Breaking away from traditional watchmaking techniques and materials.
Trademarks: Curves and robust casing. 

Richard Mille021 Unveiled to the world in 2001, the RM 001 Tourbillon broke from watchmaking tradition. From its avante-garde design, to its innovative use of materials and manufacturing processes the RM 001 stunned the watch world.

Now well into the RM series, Richard Mille continues to produce racing-inspired timepieces of unique design.

The ambassadorsYB-Lausanne 2012 Not only does the brand surround itself with ambassadors of the highest standing – including F1 driver Felipe Massa, Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake (pictured) and golfer Bubba Watson – but it specifically dedicates a model to each of its guys.

The materials bridges back view copy With inspiration and research taken from the high-tech racing car industry, Richard Mille’s timepieces were the first to include materials such as carbon nanofibre, alusic and aluminium-lithium – each helping to improve the efficiency of the watchmaking.

The historyLMC2012 C Didier Gourdon 2 Starting his eponymous brand in 2001, French watchmaker Richard Mille made a bold call to break away from horology’s traditional techniques, and focus on creating brash, cutting-edge and uncompromising new timepieces.

The designs were largely inspired by the racing car and aeronautics industries.

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