Style Icon: Ryan Gosling

July 9, 2014

Traditionally, men have always admired other men with style and charisma. So why is there ill feeling toward Ryan Gosling? The answer is simple: jealousy.

The Canadian is arguably the most stylish man in Hollywood, as comfortable pulling on a red carpet-ready tuxedo as he is some Levi’s and a dirty white shirt. Sartorially, there isn’t a lot the man can do wrong, from brooding badass to bookworm chic, it is no wonder that a mere mention of his name makes women weak at the knees and men dig their nails into their palms.

It's not just his style choices however that other men may be envious of. Aside from his job of starring on screen across some of the most talented and beautiful women in Hollywood, he also rescues people from car accidents and prevents crime. No, really. In 2012 he saved a British journalist from being run over in New York and in 2011 prevented a thief stealing a man's street art. We like to think he was dressed as suavely as below when he did both. gosling2 gosling3 gosling4 gosling5 gosling6 gosling7 gosling8