The secret to going sockless in style

Tips and tricks for how you can get away with going sockless.

Matthew Priest December 17, 2014

It will have hardly escaped your attention that over the past year socks have fallen out of favour, and nowhere is this more apparent than the Gulf.

The warm weather, cloudless days and stylish laidback lifestyle make it the perfect place for a smart-casual look, and there are few smart-casual looks as popular at the moment as the shoe-sans-socks look.

If you've cast an envious glare at men rocking the look, but are still not entirely comfortable with how to pull it off yourself, worry not, read below as EDGAR lays bare all of its secrets:

Confidence is key
As is the case with any style tip, you have to be comfortable in your clothing. In style terms there is nothing worse than someone wearing something which makes them feel awkward – because if you feel awkward, you'll look it too.

Most men are happy to wear trainers without socks, but become more intimidated when pairing the sockless look with a suit. If you're not comfortable with the look, try wearing it around your home, which will allow you to get used to the feel. 

The make or break
The entire point of this trend is to look casual-smart, and not sloppy. That said, the best way to draw attention to the elegance of the look is by pairing your shoes with the right pair of trousers. Let's face it, there's little point in exposing your ankles if you are going to cover them up with your trouser leg, so opt for cropped or cuffed trousers, or maybe a classic pair of Italian chinos.

The cut should be straight or hemmed to slightly shorter than you would usually choose. As a rule of thumb, the base of the trouser should sit around two inches from the rim of your shoe.  

Keep it clean
The shocking truth of the matter is that, in our climate, your feet can produce up to around a pint of sweat per day. Without socks to help regulate the temperature, things can get a bit sticky if you're walking for miles in a pair of leather brogues. 

Adding an insole can help keep your feet feeling fresh, and leaving your shoes to air for a couple of days before putting them back on is a good way to rid them of lingering smells. Our advice is to use unvarnished cedar shoe trees and a liberal use of deodorising foot power.

Leading foot
There is no questioning that for this look to be a success, the shoes must be the star. Without a quirky sock to share the limelight, your shoes need to be able to stand out on their own. Definitely, avoid going with anything too bulky, and instead opt for more elegant, thinner pairs.

Shoes that work well with the sockless look are wingtips, slip-on loafers, driving shoes, suede espadrille and plain-coloured trainers. If you're planning on bringing it into the office, we recommend a pair of thin-soled Derby.