10 stylish cufflinks to have in your wardrobe

From Tateossian’s new Butterfly range to Berluti silver, these cufflinks won’t fail to turn heads.

April 19, 2015

Over the years cufflinks have gone from being a functional necessity for men's dress shirts, to a stylish accessory befitting of nearly any occasion when a shirt is worn. Much like your wedding ring or watch, cufflinks are a whiteboard for men to express some personality; show a little creative streak, or not, as the case may be.

Cufflinks shouldn't be the first thing someone notices about your style. If they're drawing attention away from your three-piece suit and monkstrap shoes, then they probably have a little too much character. Instead you want your cufflinks to have a subtlety to them, their detail only noticed when in fixed conversation.

From days at the office to formal events and even casual weekends, here are 10 cufflinks that show a man's character... 

“The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.” That’s the sell-line behind Tateossian’s new line of colourfully subtle cufflinks. The limited edition collection is made from four different butterfly species. After nature has taken its course, butterfly wings are carefully handpicked and adopted by Tateossian to revive their beauty. The London brand is better known of course for its skeleton cufflinks, made from watch parts.

Famous for its shoes, it’s no surprise Berluti’s cufflinks take the shape and style of its footwear, even giving them the same name as the emblematic shoes: the Alessandro. The 925 silver Scritto cufflinks are so exquisite that you’ll never again want to roll up your shirt sleeves. While the coloured Cartridge cufflinks - in red, blue or black - are made out of plain silver and lacquer, adding the subtle touch needed to show some flair in the workplace. 

Babette Wasserman 
Babette Wasserman’s cufflinks have always expressed a sense of luxury and elegance, ultimate masculinity with a rather large hint of cheekiness and fun; the modern man’s cufflinks of choice. The latest collection includes a selection of sleek, pure silver cufflinks, which, have accents of coloured thread intertwined within the design to create multi-faceted tones and edgy designs. The collection also includes a few quirky pieces, vintage radio and camera, striped socks, DJ skulls and even E-Type Jaguar designs.