5 male hair products and how they should be used

With the right products, you too can have a barnet like Beckham’s.

EDGAR staff September 12, 2014

The world of male hair care can be a bit of minefield at times. While no-one wants to be accused of spending more time in front of the mirror than their girlfriends, at the same time, we don't want to look like we've just rolled out of bed - unless we're going for the 'bedhead' look, of course.

See, complicated isn't it? With a plethora of products available that claim to give you the ability to bend and shape your hair in ways you didn't think possible, how are we to know what's the best one for us?

Never fear, here we've outlined the main types and how they should be used:

1. Wax

This tar-like substance is best for those with thick and wavy hair. The benefit of wax is that it will give you a seriously strong hold, that is akin to a bear hug. You can buy ones with a shiny finish, but they tend to lack the ‘wet’ look of a pomade.

2. Pomade

If you’re on the market for a shiny, slick look then opt for a pomade. The product of choice for rockabillies, Italian football players and New York gangster circa 1970. Alexturner

3. Gel

A styling staple, gel is best for those with thick hair. Its strength can vary, so opt for something strong if you want to keep everything in place, and light if you just want to keep your hair more manageable and ‘natural’ looking.

4. Cream

For those with longer hair who want the natural look, a cream is the best way to go. It won't give you much in terms of styling capabilities, but a good one will eradicate frizziness and soften coarse hair.

5. Hairspray

Although we are a firm supporter of the open-minded, modern day man, we draw the line at hairspray. Quite simply, it's for girls.