5 simple rules to make your suit last forever

How to maintain your bespoke pride and joy.

May 17, 2015

While there's no doubt that bespoke suits are the best option for a man of any standing, we all know that buying tailor-made isn't cheap.

A custom-made suit that the tailor has cut just right is precious, and should stay with you for years - so the last thing you want to do is to ruin it through neglect or a lack of knowledge. But never fear, because if you follow these five simple rules to the letter, your custom-made suits will stay looking as sharp as the day you bought them:

Go easy on the dry-cleaning
The heavy chemicals that most dry-cleaners use break down the natural fibres in your suit, which means that every time you have your suit dry-cleaned, you're doing it significant damage. Try to keep trips to the dry-cleaner to an absolute minimum - and by that we mean no more than four times per year.

Steam, don't iron
Ironing your suit can have disastrous results for its longevity, with the harsh heat of the metal directly applied to the suit's fibres having the tendency to give the fabric a 'shiny' effect - not cool. Instead, get your dry-cleaners to use a steamer to get creases and wrinkles out. how to maintain a bespoke suit

Use a brush
It may seem like a pointless tool from a bygone era, but regular brushing, along with a good old-fashioned airing next to an open window, will do wonders for keeping your suit looking fresh. A word of warning though: always use a soft-bristled brush - especially for soft-wearing materials - otherwise it will damage the fibres.

Hang it up
Sounds simple, but it’s a vital practice that often gets overlooked. Your suit will spend more time on a hanger than it will on your shoulders, so picking out the right hanger will dictate its shape for years to come. Look for something wooden, broad, and with a strong metallic hook.

Wear it well
When wearing your suit, do not overfill the pockets, as this will result in a sagging around the seams which, if left for too long, will remain even after the pocket has been emptied. And whatever you do, always unbutton your jacket when sitting down.