Grooming on the go for the business traveller

Essential advice that will have you looking fit for business, even after the most gruelling of flights.

March 5, 2015

In today's global society, a man's business success and social status tends to be linked to his need for travel: as one grows, so does the other.

Horizons need to be broadened, businesses need to be expanded and overseas clients need to be met. Dubai, London, New York, Sydney - nowhere is off-limits in the glamorous life of the jet-set businessman. But while the idea of jetting off to a different country every other day might seem appealing, the world of the business traveller isn't all glitz and glamour.

A million miles away from those 1950s playboys who would hop between LA, Paris and Rome at their whim, the reality of regular travel - stuffy cabins, dodgy airline food and debilitating jet lag - means it's nigh-on impossible to look sharp and fit for work straight off the plane.

It doesn't matter if you're travelling long haul in the cheap seats, going luxurious in the Etihad residences or taking the ultimate trip by private jet, with recycled air, fluctuating temperatures and all kinds of bacteria flying around, the very act of flying can leave you looking dishevelled, tired and, quite frankly, not like the kind of guy you would want to do business with.

But while the rigours of regular travel are bound to take an effect of sorts, it is possible to curtail the damage with the following of a few simple grooming rules. Here is the business traveller's guide to grooming on the go:

Rule number one of air travel: always, always moisturise! The cabin air has the nasty tendency to make your sky drier than the Empty Quarter, so it's vital that you take on lots of water and use a decent moisturiser such as this one from Tom Ford, below, to lock it in. Oh, and don't forget the lips - always pack a little tin of Vaseline. Tom Ford moisturiser Beat the bags

The disrupted sleep that comes with any long flight is bound to cause bags under your eyes, resulting in you looking like you've just been in a bar brawl - not a good look for a businessman. Get some help with an under-eye roll on like this Anti-Fatigue gel from Clinique. Clinique-For-Men-Anti-Fatigue-Eye-Gel Nail it
It might sound a bit OCD, but a small pair of nail clippers could mean the difference between securing that deal and missing out - after all, who's going to want to shake a hand with long, grubby fingernails? These Victorinox Swiss Army clippers won't let you down. They're only tiny, and if you don't use them you won't even notice them in the bottom of your bag. victorinox swiss army nail clippers

Keep it dry
It doesn't matter if you washed your hair just before getting on the plane, an overnight flight will always leave it feeling greasy and horrible. For a quick fix, spray in a bit of dry shampoo. It might seem girly, but it'll keep the grease at bay until you manage to find a shower. A brief word of warning though: if you're going down this route, make sure to get an unscented one like Pssssst!, or you'll end up smelling like your girlfriend. Pssssst! dry shampoo. Beware the red eye
They don't call it 'the red eye' for no reason. Overnight flights can leave your eyes bloodshot and looking like you've just had a night on the sauce. There are plenty of eye drops can get to combat this, though, like these ones for Optrex, for example. optrex red eye drops Pack smart
We know what you're thinking. "The above sounds great, but if I drag all of that lot around with me I'm not going to have room in my carry-on for any clothes!" And you're quite right, which is why you need to invest in a travel set, like the one from Aesop, below. They pack a decent selection of travel-sized products, making them easy to carry and small enough to comply with the airlines' liquid restrictions. london aesop travel kit.