Man skills: Tips and tricks to care for your shoes

From the experts at J.M. Weston, here’s how to keep your footwear looking as fresh as the day you bought them.

February 2, 2015

The number one benefit to a pair of high-quality shoes is their longevity. Be it lace ups or slip-ons, a well-made pair of kicks should last you several years.

But that kind of stamina only comes with a great deal of care, and we don't just mean the odd polish now and then. You need to know all the tricks to make sure you keep them fresh as the day you lifted them out of the box. To be sure you're doing it right, we sought out the professional sole advice of high-end shoe brand J.M. Weston. Here's what they had to say:

Take the time to care for your shoes. Maintain them, preserve them for as long as you can; why not a lifetime? And in so doing, demonstrate, with equal doses of passion and subtlety, that consistency is a sure ally of elegance.

In the beginning wear your shoes only for a short while to break them in. If they are strong willed, take them to a shoemaker who should be able to subdue them with a gentle yet firm hand. Be sure not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.How to polish your shoes.

Wooden help
An essential part of caring for your shoes; use shoe trees made of wood, a natural material that absorbs moisture. Choose ones that are adapted to the shape, length and width of your shoes, and take care to store them away from heat. When travelling, fit your shoes with shoe trees and slip them into fabric bags. Protect your shoes from the very beginning. Use a shoehorn to preserve the back stiffener. Let your foot glide over the smooth, soft leather before settling into its cradling comfort.

Spit 'n' shine
Make polishing your shoes a weekly ritual. Choose your supplies carefully: a damp cloth to lift dust, a soft cloth wrapped tightly around your index finger and dipped in shoe polish to massage the leather – using small circular motions - and a shine brush to coat the sole edge and perforations. 

Wait a few minutes before using a soft brush and shine mitt for the final touch. Every so often after polishing, glaze. Dampen a soft cloth with water before dipping it in shoe polish. Massage using small circular motions and repeat until you achieve the mirror effect.

Every month, in order to prevent the leather from drying out prematurely, use a moisturising cream. Its reviving effect allows shoes to stay supple whilst making them more beautiful with each passing day. Complete this ritual with another: use a protective oil to nourish the sole.

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