Ski with style: how to dress for the slopes

For the sartorial skier, this is how to look good both on and off-piste.

Matthew Priest February 11, 2015

Up on the slopes, style tends to take a back seat to survival – but there is no reason why the two cannot co-exist.

Follow these little tips and you’ll be the envy of everyone on and off the mountain, but probably not for your skiing.

1. With sub-zero temperatures, wrapping up warm is imperative. But instead of pulling on the puffiest parka that you can find, opt for multiple layers of high-quality fabric. Start with a Merino-wool absorbent base layer, and end with a slim-cut waterproof jacket. You can add additional layers depending on whether you feel cold.

2. Remember, like most sports, skiing can get rather sweaty. We recommend that you pack a number of base layers and socks, so that you can replace them every morning. 

3. The rollneck may be subject to ridicule in the office, but it really comes into its own on the slopes. Not only can it look slim and stylish (like Gianni Agnelli in the main image), but it is a great way to protect your neck from strong icy winds and, should you wipeout, snow getting under your shirt.

4. Don’t forget to bring some serious footwear. Walking the streets of St Moritz or Courcheval can be deadly, regardless of how pretty they look. Get some rubber-soled, leather boots that’ll help you stay dry and give you extra grip. Or go all the way and get fur-lined ones.

5. Getting sunburn on the slopes is a rookie error. Because of the altitude, on clear days the sun will do you some damage. Remember to apply sunblock before heading up the chairlifts, and it is always handy to keep some lip balm, and a cool pair of sunglasses to protect you from the elements. Just be wary of the unfortunate panda eyes.