10 grooming myths most men still believe

Some of your grooming rituals are actually doing more harm than good.

Meryl D'Souza August 16, 2016

The world is filled with people ready to give you all sorts of advice on how to look after yourself. It’s all good intentions but they could be telling you to do things that are making matters worse.

After recent claims that flossing is a waste of time with little evidence it actually helps, and subsequently it being removed from official health guidelines in America, here are a few other urban legends you should steer clear of.

Hats cause hair loss

Balding is down to your genes. So unless you have a hat clamped to your head with an adhesive, feel free to throw on that Sherlock-inspired deerstalker or that Indiana Jones fedora. 

Stress causes grey hair

Don’t bother worrying about your stressful life turning your hair grey. Salt-and-pepper hair – like most grooming myths – is down to genetics. Stress doesn’t cause greying hair, so fret not. However, it does cause hair loss.

Eating chocolate causes acne

Don’t ever blame your diet for outbreaks, point that finger at your stressful life and genes.

Toothpaste cures zits

Toothpaste doesn’t cure zits, or even aid the healing process. It doesn’t contain ingredients that can dry out the spots; however, its ingredients can cause irritation or redness that won't improve matters. 

Shaving makes beards grow back faster, thicker

Nope, sorry. If you’re in capable of growing a glorious beard, shaving regularly won’t help. Blame your genes and get on with life. Alternatively, you could opt for a beard transplant if you, like most men in the UAE, want one desperately.

Brush your teeth after every meal

It’s great that you’re taking dental hygiene seriously, but don’t overdo it. In fact, brushing after every meal causes enamel erosion, which means you’re doing more harm than good. And remember, don’t bother flossing.

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser

Moisturisers act as a seal for your skin’s natural water content by protecting your skin from dirt and debris. You shouldn’t skip them even if you have oily skin. Just remember to cleanse before going to town with that cream though.

Using regular soap is fine

Stop being a cheapskate. There’s a reason there is an army of products for men out there. Hand soap dries out skin and can lead to rashes and skin flakes, so if nothing else, invest in a decent face wash.

Men and women’s products are the same

Watch the video above and get in on the secret of how Channing Tatum looks so great: he doesn’t use his wife’s products; he has about a hundred of his own. It’s not a marketing stunt. Men’s skin is different from women and needs different products. So put down your girlfriend’s products and get some of your own. 

Don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day

Summer here in the UAE can be unforgiving, but that doesn’t mean you should take the once-in-a-blue-moon cloudy days lightly, you could still get sunburnt. Better safe than sorry.