10 ways to look more attractive according to science

Don’t look like Tom Hiddleston? No problem. A dark stubble and a sense of humour can compensate.

Meryl D'Souza September 20, 2016

We get it, not all men are created equal and since not all of you are blessed with the looks of a model, here’s a cheat sheet to help make yourself more appealing.

Funny on demand

Nobody wants to date a grown man who’s constantly whining about what’s going wrong in his life. Everyone’s looking to have some fun and women appreciate a man who can lighten the mood. A study claims guys who tell jokes are three times more likely to get a woman's number compared to men who don’t.

Put a smile on that face

You can be blue when no one’s looking but when you’re out and about, you better have your game face on – preferably with a smile because that million-dollar flash is contagious.

Observe and repeat

You’ve probably heard about this one as an interview technique but studies suggest that subtly mimicking a person can increase your attractiveness.

Bring in the wolfpack

You know what’s better than having a wingman? Having wingmen and wingwomen. It seems our brains tend to average out our asymmetries and disproportionalities when we’re part of a group. It’s called the ‘cheerleader effect’.

Become the Godfather

A Harvard study found that people in a group found their leader more attractive than people who weren’t in said group. Of course “with great power comes great responsibility” so remember that it was only leaders who instilled a family-like camaraderie were considered attractive. Douchebag leaders are psychopaths.

A dog is your best friend… and wingman

Apparently, one in five women find men with dogs more attractive because having a furry friend throws the spotlight on your nurturing and responsible side. There’s even an Instagram page to support this find.

Nice guys don’t finish last

Your personality plays a part when people determine your attractiveness. A study found that people with positive personality traits are rated as more attractive than others. So be a nice guy and let word spread before you make your move.

Listen to good music

If you are musically inclined, use that talent to play complex pieces of music. That should be your golden ticket. For those of you who have never played an instrument in your life, just holding one while making your move is enough to increase your attractiveness quotient. 

Let that beard grow. A little.

A little stubble goes a long way. If you can’t grow one, maybe you should opt for a transplant.

Be confident

Whatever your insecurities, put up a confident front. Research shows that confidence makes us seem trustworthy. When we’re self-assured we tend to make eye contact and speak with warmth and directness, which always helps.