Giorgio Armani’s bespoke tailoring now in the UAE

The chance to own a made to measure suit by the luxury Italian label is now available to regional customers.

March 22, 2016

As you already know, a gentleman’s suit should always be bespoke. The one exception we make for an off-the-rack two-piece is when it’s from a high-end label, and you have the necessary alterations made before leaving the shop of course.

It’s not often though that you have the chance to combine the best of both – bespoke tailoring of a top brand. Which is why this opportunity with Giorgio Armani should not be missed.

One of menswear’s most revered fashion brands, the Italian label is offering UAE customers the chance to experience its first Made to Measure event in the region, and walk away with a suit that will last a lifetime.

For a limited time only, from March 30 to April 2, you can book a session with Armani’s fitting specialists in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates and order a bespoke item from its Spring/Summer 2016 collection. 

Originally only available in a select number of stores around the world, the service can now be found in almost every Giorgio Armani boutique, headed up by dedicated staff who have been trained in the finer points of tailoring.

On arriving at your appointment, you will be guided by Armani’s highly trained staff on everything from the type of fabrics to the lining, style of buttons, type of lapel, pocket positions, single of double-breasted fastening and the options of trouser – pleated or not.

Aware that many of their customers are busy executives, Armani will measure you in store and then give you the option of returning for a fitting before delivery, or just taking away the final suit. What will it set you back? Giorgio Armani made to measure suits retail at 2,500 Euros, that’s about AED 10,000. But you get a complimentary bespoke shirt just for having the fitting.

The Italian tailors will also keep your measurements on file, and be able to knock you up another bespoke item at your request without you going back to the store.

Aside from the obvious visible details that tell others your suit it tailor made, there are hidden elements too that only you the wearer will be aware of. Inside the jacket for example, a canvas made of a complex combination of natural materials including horsehair and goat’s hair, makes up the hidden structure of the garment, and interfacings are stitched, so that they ‘float’, giving the jacket a light and fluid feel. 

An experience like this rarely comes around, especially to the UAE’s shores, and is one not to be missed. So clear your diary for the end of this month and book your Made to Measure appointment pronto.

To book your session at the Giorgio Armani store Mall of the Emirates, email or call 04 395 1373.