Men have begun shopping like women

Yes it's true, and your future looks decidedly handsome.

Meryl D'Souza March 6, 2016

It’s been a long time coming. You’ve probably noticed it yourself but didn’t dare to say it out loud. Well, the jig is up. According to experts interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, men are shopping like women.

That’s not something we didn’t know already. Take a look around. Not only are men dressing up better, they’re now open to experimenting, impulse buying and aware of the latest fashion trends.

But it’s not just style that’s improved. Google’s Beauty Trends 2015 showed that men searched for hairstyles more than women. That’s not just restricted to hairstyles though, the search results even included men who searched for hair products. To give you perspective, men had a six per cent lead over women when it came to hairstyles.

You may be wondering how much of what we’re telling you is true. After all, we’re a dedicated men’s website. So here’s the lowdown:

According to WSJ’s findings, Mr Porter’s mobile traffic is up from 12 per cent a couple of years ago to 25 per cent today.

But like we said, it’s not just style, it’s also grooming. A study by Euromonitor revealed that 11 per cent of men started using facial cleanser in the last three years and 6.1 per cent of men said they now buy it several times a month.

We’re personally hoping this gives menswear retailers something to think about. The shopping surge could mean lower prices. Not to nit-pick, but men’s apparel is more expensive than women’s. Maybe go out and buy yourself something to celebrate?