Omega moves into luxury eyewear

The Swiss watch company now makes sunglasses too. Will James Bond be happy?

Neil Churchill August 23, 2016

There are two types of fashionable men in this world and they can be divided by their loyalty, or lack of it.

The disloyal are those who go to a pre-chosen label for a very specific thing – Santoni for its shoes, Armani for its suits, Hugo Boss for its polos, and so on.

Then there are those who stay loyal to just a handful of brands, buying anything and everything their favourite labels produce. Well these new sunglasses are going to appeal to that second type of man, if of course one of his preferred labels is Omega. 

Yes the Swiss watchmaker has lurched sideways and stepped into the eyewear business for the first time, launching both male and female collections. Made in partnership with Italian company Marcolin Eyewear, the move would suggest Omega is looking to drum up some extra business in a year where smartwatches officially became more popular than traditional horology. 

Marcolin Group has previous in this area, co-designing glasses for Tom Ford and Moncler among others. But to be sure of its success, Omega has taken some design cues from what it’s done best for 168 years

The claws of the constellation watch (above); hinges that resemble a watch’s crown; a shiny black finish taken from its Dark Side of the Moon collection; metal injected frames inspired by stainless steel. These may be sunglasses but they’re dripping in watch inspiration, even in presentation, with the hard shell zebrawood cases inspired by the interior of Omega boutiques.

“It’s been beneficial to share this project with Marcolin, as their renowned expertise and background with high-level brands has allowed us to produce some fantastic products,” said Raynald Aeschlimann, president & CEO of OMEGA. “For customers, this is a chance to find new ways to express personal style and a passion for our brand.”

Made from metal and acetate, the sunglasses come with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective lenses, engraved in that classic sunglasses position with the Omega name. Each pair comes in two sizes and two colour options. 

Looking to start the new line of business with a bang, Omega has announced a limited edition set of frames as part of the first collection. To celebrate its role as official timekeeper of the Rio 2016 Olympics, the unisex shades come in matte black with polarised green lenses, with the keyhole bridge shaped in Omega’s logo. Only 2016 pairs have been made, of course.

So now you need to ask yourself a question: which type of fashionable guy are you? The loyal or the disloyal? If you're having a hard time deciding, you may want to wait and see what James Bond does in his next blockbuster. We know he wears Omega watches, but will he give up his Tom Ford sunglasses? We'd be surprised. 

The Omega summer collection is available exclusively in Omega boutiques around the world.