Stella McCartney launches her first men’s eyewear collection

The sunnies are a teaser to the imminent menswear line from the British designer.

Neil Churchill December 7, 2016

The list of winners (and presenters) at the Fashion Awards 2016 in London this week was a real who’s who of the fashion world elite; Testino, Ford, Campbell, Donatella, Gigi, Leto, Becks and even Mr Ralph Lauren himself were all there.

The award for British Menswear Designer went to Craig Green for his namesake label, but in 12 months’ time don’t be surprised if it goes to a woman. We’re talking about Stella McCartney.

The famous fashion designer should be launching her first menswear line any day now, as we learned back in July. To coincide with the impending unveil, the daughter of The Beatles’ Paul has launched her first line of men’s sunglasses for the Spring/Summer 2017 season. 

It might seem strange to launch sunglasses during the winter, particularly from a British brand, but launch dates rarely appear logical in the fashion world. We're not complaining though; it’s certainly whet our appetite for the entire men’s collection. 

A statement from the brand says the new eyewear will “take a modern approach to menswear, encouraging a cool, seasonless attitude to style, while adhering to the brand’s responsible and sustainable ethics.” You can take that to mean McCartney's rule of producing vegan friendly products, and the 'seasonless' mention is a nod to McCartney's belief that men don't follow trends.

The new sunnies, some of which are unisex, will be available from February in Stella McCartney stores, in select retailers worldwide and online at And by then, we should have the entire menswear line at our fingertips too.