The right hairstyle for you based on your face shape

Rocking the slickest hair trends is all about one simple trick: sporting the right mane for your face shape.

Meryl D'Souza November 15, 2016

2016 – a.k.a the worst year ever – is coming to a close. If you’ve been rocking the man bun, it’s time to shake things up a bit. If you had the good sense of avoiding the man bun craze altogether, congratulations! You’re a smart man.

Either way, you need a new haircut and the choice is a tough one to make – especially if you’re going to just go to your barber and wing it. Lucky for you, we did the legwork and brought in some professional help. We spoke to Jay McLintock, the man leading the team of barbers at Chaps & Co's new Dubai Marina salon, to help guide you through your hairstyle conundrums. 

A major part of what most men get wrong when it comes to choosing a haircut is their face shape. Thankfully, that mistake is easily fixed. So take a good look in the mirror, determine the shape of your boat race and let the professionals tell you what hairstyle to go for.

Oblong face shape

Recommended haircut: Classic or undercut.

Why: The oblong face shape is probably the best face shape to suit most hairstyles. Having longer hair on top flowing back emphasises the facial features. The key is not to have your fringe flowing over your forehead as it will break the visual continuation of the flow from your face to your hair.

What to tell your barber
Ask for a number two clipper up to the temple. Blend it in with a number three. Leave the top disconnected from the sides and long for a sweep back.

How to style your hair
Wash your hair, towel dry it and leave it slightly damp. Apply sea salt spray to the roots.  Blow-dry your hair from the front to give it more volume and lift. Run your fingers through for the longer hair on top hair to give it a natural look. Use matte paste or moulding clay to maintain the style throughout the day.

Diamond face shape

Recommended haircut: A messy or wavy fringe. 

Why: A natural looking wavy fringe will help soften the wide forehead and pointy nose while accentuating the jawline. Opt for more volume on the crown and a shorter tapered cut around the sides.

What to tell your barber
Ask for a scissor cut on the sides. Remember to keep the sides about an inch long and maintain the natural look around the ears. Let the top stay long with layers and Keep the fringe longer than it is on the back of your crown.

How to style your hair
With your hair slightly damp, use your hand to style it. Be sure to sweep the side hair backwards and raise the longer hair a little by adding a light forming cream.

Square Face shape

Recommended haircut: Buzz cuts, quiffs or undercut.

Why: The face shape is just as versatile as the oblong shape and shorter crops emphasise the strong masculine features and strong jawline. Avoid middle partings and fringes. Sweep the longer hair to the back.

What to tell your barber
Start with a number one on the side and blend upwards to a number two. Ask for a razor side parting and leave hair longer on the top to comb it side-backwards.

How to style your hair
Blow-dry your hair and make use of a little strong hold spray for the longer hair. Use light texturizing cream if you want a more natural look.

Triangle Face Shape

Recommended haircut: Wavy mops or Afros.

Why: This is all about adding volume to the top with a full mane of hair. Adding volume to the top balances out the narrower forehead and adds width to the upper part of your head.

What to tell your barber
Ask for a clipper side cut starting with a number two around the edges and blend it up with a number three. Lastly blended to the top with a scissor cut.  Ask for it to be slightly shorter at the top and leave the fringe longer than the back.

How to style your hair
Blow-dry in the morning and make use of a good quality restyle wax to reshape throughout the day.

Oval Face Shape

Recommended haircut: Skin fades – though you can go for anything you like except a fringe.

Why: Although an oval face is versatile enough to sport just about any hairstyle, it’s best to avoid a fringe as it can make your face look rounder. 

What to tell your barber
Ask for a skin fade with a parting comb over.

How to style your hair
Blow-dry your hair combed backwards with a brush with a strong holding wax.

Round Face Shape

Recommended haircut: Short back and sides with a quiff or a side part.

Why: Choosing an angular cut will reduce the roundness and the longer hair on top will add length and height to your face.

What to tell your barber
Ask for a short scissor cut on the sides and blend in with longer hair on top.

How to style your hair
Use a hair dryer to dry hair completely. Add sea salt spray before drying to add a little volume, Use a light styling mousse to swipe keep your hair in a natural parting position.