UAE is using technology to make you a bespoke suit

Using Xbox One Kinect as a body scanner for tailoring, The Custom Shop New York is paving the way for a technology and fashion wedding.

Meryl D'Souza May 17, 2016

The perfect off-the-rack suit is a myth. If you want a suit that makes you look better than Tom Hiddleston or David Beckham, you need to go bespoke. Sorry, but that’s not a choice gentlemen.

We’ve told you about how wearing a suit makes you more powerful. But that’s no excuse to wear just about any suit. You need a suit that’s made for you. One where the trousers and sleeves are hemmed and tapered.

Of course having a bespoke suit comes with its own headaches. You’ll need to wait a while before the product is ready. Some places take up to six weeks to deliver perfection. And even before the suit is ready, you have fittings. Which means you take time out of your schedule, drive through traffic at least twice to get the best suit. Apparently, you’ve been wasting your time all this while.

You may have not heard of it yet, but there’s this bespoke tailoring brand called The Custom Shop New York that’s disrupting the tailoring process in the GCC with the introduction of a body scanner.

Here’s how the technology works

Clients are asked to wear compression clothes and step onto a turntable within the Jumeirah Beach Centre outlet – the body scanning technology is restricted to this outlet despite having other stores. 

In less than a minute, the body scanner uses the technology provided by Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect to scan your body for measurements.

The scanner gathers up the information that includes angles along with length and circumference. In case you’re a little nervous with all this math that’s creeping in, you should know that they help to measure things that traditional tailors don’t account for like posture and protruding bellies. 

Your measurements are then sent across to the tailors who’ll be working on your fine suit while you get to personalize your suit all the way down to having it monogrammed. 

While you select your fabric and deliberate on your choice of cut, the body scanner works on your fitness report which will include BMI, body fat percentage, ideal weight and the time it would take to achieve it following a recommended calorie deficit.

After the initial session, you’re asked to visit the store a week later for a fitting session. A couple of days later, your new suit will be delivered to you.

While this unlikely marriage between technology and fashion may not have the same personal touch of heading to your preferred tailor, it’s far more efficient than anything available in this region. If nothing else, at least you won’t have to go through the awkward process of being measured by a tailor. That’s a win in our book.

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