Paul Pogba & adidas launch sportswear line

The adidas x Pogba Collection is all black and gold everything.

Neil Churchill January 18, 2017

When Paul Pogba moved back to Manchester United at the start of the current football season for a record £90 million fee, the club’s fans would have assumed it signalled the next stage in the player’s development. And it did. It just appears to have been of his development as a brand.

After becoming the first footballer to get his own Twitter emoji at the weekend (#Pogba) the midfielder has now joined forces with adidas, putting his name to the sportswear company’s latest line. It’s called the adidas x Pogba Collection, and it’s an urban hybrid of football kit and fashion items. 

The collection includes adidas’ new ACE 17+ purecontrol boot, which comes with extra gold plating, a marble effect and ‘Pogboom’ etched on the heel webbing. There are also street and cage versions of the kicks, with adidas’ iconic black boost material used on the street shoe.

Also included is a snapback, bag, long length tee, performance tee, hoody, track pants, bomber jacket and, just in case you forgot what sport he played, an all-black football. All items are in black and gold – matching Pogba’s current hairstyle – and the new ‘PP’ logo features on the entire range. 

In designing the collection, Pogba was apparently influenced by hip-hop culture and in particular his rapper friend MHD, who has created a new song “Never” to coincide with the launch of the collection. In return, the video features Pogba wearing said clothes - watch it at the bottom of this article. 

Speaking about his foray into the fashion world, Pogba had this to say: “After wearing a number of one-off bespoke boots on the pitch, I wanted to take things to the next level. The launch of the adidas x Pogba Collection is the first step of my wish to leave my mark and shows how I view football, both on and off the pitch.”

Pogba’s not the first professional sportsman to dabble in the fashion world and he won’t be the last, but his new clothing line and social media hashtag haven’t come at the best time. His performance on the weekend against Liverpool was poor by the high standards that come with being the world’s most expensive footballer, and there is now a question mark over his mentality in pressure games.

As other more established names have shown – Beckham, Jordan, Nicklaus – to be accepted in switching from sport to fashion, Pogba will need to improve his performances on the pitch.

The adidas football x Paul Pogba collection is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols Dubai.