Style moves to steal from Justin Timberlake

On his 36th birthday we dissect the Oscar-nominated star’s sartorial choices. 

Meryl D'Souza January 31, 2017

It’s almost a year since we heard “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. We, like most others, hated it at first, but then its pop sugary hooks refused to get out of our heads. Of course, it doesn’t help that the song plays in every grocery store and salon you go to. 

Timberlake is a man of many talents. Whether he’s on stage with NSYNC, “Bringing Sexy Back” all by himself, playing a character we hate in a movie (The Social Network) or part of hilarious skits with SNL and his bro Jimmy Fallon, the man is pretty much great at everything he tries.

To celebrate his 36th birthday, which is today, we thought we’d let you in on Timberlake’s style secrets because trust us, few men have made the transition from bleached boyband curls to short back and sides with a quiff as successfully as the nine-time Grammy Award winner.

The hair game is always strong

Speaking of his hair, Justin makes it acceptable for men to try out hair-straightening procedures. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you looked at him now, but Timberlake’s got naturally curly hair. He’s straightened it but takes the trouble to style it no matter where he goes. That’s the kind of dedication you need to look good 24x7. 

Thinking cap

Hats are a great idea if you know how to pair them.

No tie, no problem

Like Pharrell, Justin has mastered the art of the no-tie look. Just make sure your jacket and shirt can hold their own. 

Sneakers and suits

Do not pair your running shoes or giant basketball shoes with your suits. Ever. The rule of thumb is to wear minimalistic white sneakers. Think Stan Smiths or Superstars.

Black tie done white

Ryan Gosling who? The La La Land star may have made the white tux his trademark but even he hasn’t tried this. The defining layer here is the black waistcoat.