The hairstyles you should be trying in 2017

Here’s how you can stay ahead of the follicular curve.

Meryl D'Souza January 11, 2017

If your name doesn’t end with a Beckham or a Gyllenhaal, chances are you’re not a grooming demigod. And that’s OK, few of us are. Getting the right haircut is difficult – that’s why we thought of helping you out with hairstyles based on your face shape.

But you know what’s even harder? Getting a haircut that everyone else has yet standing out from the pile. We ourselves haven’t cracked that code yet, but we can still help you set the trend for this year.

Like always, we’ve done the legwork which this time involved speaking to the stellar stylists at Toni&Guy, DIFC, Dubai. Here are the hairstyles that will be all over the place – but firmly in position – in 2017.

Sleek and slicked back
The sleek and slicked back hairstyle never gets old. Seen at the Chester Barrie SS17 runway show, this natural and sharp hairstyle keeps hair looking polished. Whether you’re going to work or just heading to one of the best restaurants in town for a bite, it's easy to style. The key to perfecting this look is always adding volume.

Short yet chic
You could also call this the high and not so tight. You need volume with plenty of room for movement to achieve this au naturel style. When recreating this look, always make sure to keep the top of your hair longer than the sides. This classic hairdo is a must-have for 2017.

Embrace your curls
You need to learn to love your curls so here’s the first of two ways to wear them this year. Keep the sides and back short and clean, leaving those curls on top to fall in place. The best part about the hairstyle is the fact that you don’t need to invest in products.

Embrace your curls II
The second way to treat your curls is to let them go wild. There’s a reason Jon Snow is such a big deal with the ladies. 80 per cent of that reason is his hair. 

The choppy long bowl cut
Making a comeback from the 90s, the bowl cut can have that dreaded mum-cut-my-hair look. Done right though, the cut can look badass. To save yourself the blushes, go for a choppy or dishevelled version.

The controlled chaos
Long, unkempt hair inspired by the Kurt Cobain era was the theme of Matthew Miller’s Spring Summer 17 runway show. We endorse this one wholeheartedly, just remember it’s a lot of work. 

Cool and collected
Opt for this tidy style by creating height and volume while keeping your hair looking natural and even. Although it gives an edgy, surfer-boy look, this hairdo is rather well groomed.