Luxury hotels of the future - would you stay in one of these?

Eight jaw-dropping hotels coming soon that will blow your mind.

Peter Iantorno November 24, 2014

With thousands of new hotels opening across the world every year, standing out from the crowd is harder than ever.

That's why some of the most renown architects are frequently briefed to come up with outlandish ideas and groundbreaking designs, in order to make their project unique and not just yet another copycat resort.

A local case in point is the upcoming ME Dubai hotel designed by Zaha Hadid, which is due to be completed next year.

While that project will certainly turn heads in the UAE, it will face some extremely tough competition from these eight mind-boggling hotels elsewhere:

Unbalance Hotel, Peru (also main image)

Unbalance hotel concept, Peru.

Where is the least likely spot for a luxury hotel? A cliff edge near Lima, Peru, has to be pretty close. But that's where Madrid-based design firm OOIIOO has proposed to build this ambitious structure. No start date has been confirmed yet, so this project is still hanging in the balance, as such...

Crescent, Azerbaijan

Crescent hotel, Azerbaijan. Expected to be completed in late 2016, The Crescent, Baku, will be built on an artificial island 170 metres offshore. The downturned crescent shape is thought to be a reference to Azerbaijan's national symbol, and the developers claim it will be the country's first seven-star hotel. Watch out Burj Al Arab.

Dawang Mountain Resort, China

Dawang mountain resort, China. Just outside the city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, China, a new ultimate winter sports destination is being constructed. Built into an abandoned quarry, the hotel will comprise 270 suites, an indoor ski slope, water park and something called an 'Ice World entertainment park' when it's completed in 2016.

Krystall Hotel, Norway

Krystall hotel Norway. The Norwegian city of Tromso, visited by tourists for its spectacular views of the Northern Lights, is set to welcome a whole new way of seeing one of the natural wonders of the world. Opening in December 2016, the Krystall Hotel will float on water and features glass ceilings so guests can gaze up at the Northern Lights from the comfort of their five-star hotel.

Mahanakhon, Thailand

MahaNakhon skyscraper, Thailand. Due to be completed in 2015, Mahanakhon is a luxury mixed-use skyscraper, which will feature the Bangkok Edition boutique hotel operated by Ritz-Carlton, in Thailand's capital. Although it looks like it's falling to pieces, apparently that's the design they're going for.


MORPHhotel. Imagine a huge self-sucifient luxury hotel being carried around the ocean by natural currents, and you're pretty close to what the MORPHotel is aiming for. Still in the development stage, if this project gets the green light, it may consign cruise ships to being a thing of the past.

Shimao Songjiang Quarry Hotel, China

Shimao Songjiang Quarry Hotel. Disused Chinese quarries are obviously prime real estate because another luxurious development, the Shimao Songjiang Quarry Hotel, is being built in one just 30 miles from Shanghai. Featuring a stunning waterfall, which plunges some 100 feet from the top of the hotel into the quarry below, the resort will cater to extreme sports lovers with deep pockets.

City of Dreams Hotel, Macau

City of Dream Hotel Macau Zaha Hadid, the world-famous designer behind the upcoming ME Dubai Hotel, has designed this 40-storey luxury hotel for Macau's City of Dreams leisure complex. Once complete in early 2017, it's set to feature a dedicated casino floor and a rooftop pool.