The essential guide to skiing etiquette

INFOGRAPHIC: how to avoid committing the cardinal sins of the slopes on your winter holiday.

November 11, 2014

Here at EDGAR, we pride ourselves on maintaining the correct etiquette at all times, and as such we've already shared with you the essential information on how to act while conducting business, global phone etiquette and even what qualifies as appropriate behaviour while at a spa.

One thing we haven't covered as yet is how to behave while skiing. So with the winter season upon us and many of you undoubtedly heading for Europe's most trendy resorts, we thought it was the perfect time to examine the essential rules of skiing.

As it happens, luxury travel site SkiBoutique has produced this handy infographic outlining all the dos and don'ts of the slopes. From avoiding smoking on chair lifts to keeping control of your speed, these are the essential rules every skier should abide by.