Welcome to Hollywood's real life hotels

8 of the hottest hotels from classic films that you can actually stay in.

Neil Churchill May 6, 2015

The often glamorous hotel locations of Hollywood films are what dreams are made of, but it may surprise you to learn that actually, a lot of the places we see on the big screen are open to the public and for a little - or, in most cases, a large - fee, anyone could stay there.

Here are eight famous film hotels you can actually stay in:

Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida

Sat on the Atlantic Ocean with 12 restaurants and bars, a spa and a famously popular pool, it is little wonder the massive 1,504-room Fontainebleau hotel has been the stage for so many Hollywood moments.

This is where Frank Sinatra filmed A Hole in the Head, where Oddjob kills the Bond girl in Goldfinger and where Tony Montana makes a name for himself in Scarface. It also features in the hit TV series The Sopranos and has played location to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. If you're heading to Miami, there really isn't anywhere else you will want to stay.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

While many film buffs will recognise this hotel in an instant and hold it in high Hollywood esteem, not everyone would want to spend a night there. Why? Because Timberline Lodge was the (external) location for the infamous 'Overlook Hotel' featured in the classic thriller The Shining.

In real life, the 1930s alpine lodge offers skiing and snowboarding holidays, so you probably won't experience elevators full of blood, creepy twin girls in the corridors and a crazed axe-wielding maniac chasing you through the snow. But don't take our word for it...

Park Hyatt, Tokyo Park Hyatt, Tokyo

With its prime location overlooking the city's dazzling lights from a bar that seems all too real, Tokyo's Park Hyatt is as easy for you to visit as it was for Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation. We can't promise you'll meet a woman almost half your age at the bar, but if you're alone in the city there's no better spot to go and contemplate your thoughts.

Gorlitzer Warenhaus, Germany Gorlitzer Warenhaus, Germany

While the magnificent building featured in The Grand Budapest Hotel doesn't actually exist and was in fact a 14 ft model, the fictional 1930s hotel run by Ralph Fiennes was based on at least two real life places. The first was the Gorlitzer Warenhaus, which inspired the film's interior shots. It was in fact a run down, empty building, but the staircases, columns, windows and chandelier were all real.

Director Wes Anderson loved it so much he almost bought the property when it fell into disrepair - it has since been refurbished. The second source of inspiration deserves its own place on this list, as The Grand Budapest Hotel wasn't the only film to fall for its alluring appearance...

Grand Hotel Moskva-Pupp, Czech Republic Grandhotel Pupp, Czech Republic

As well as being a source of inspiration for The Grand Budapest Hotel, the 18th century Grandhotel Pupp doubled for the Hotel Splendide, supposedly in Montenegro, used by James Bond in Casino Royale.

Found in the pastel-coloured Czech town of Karlovy Vary, the hotel has been a popular getaway for Europe's and Hollywood's elite for decades, and was also used in the 2006 film Last Holiday. With 007 travelling the world in over 20 films, it's no surprise that more than one hotel he's visited is worthy of trekking to in real life. And that includes...

Taj Lake Palace, India Taj Lake Palace, India

A.K.A the island home of Bond girl Octopussy. Taj Lake Palace is a luxury white marble hotel, with four restaurants and a spa, set in the stunning Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Bond fan or not, put this hotel on your bucket list.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas The Bellagio, Las Vegas

It would be easier to name all the films that haven't featured a Las Vegas hotel than the ones which have. Caesar's Palace, Riviera Hotel and the MGM Grand are all celebrity buildings in Sin City, but The Bellagio's cameo in Ocean's Eleven - and the subsequent sequels - cements its place as the film hotel to stay in.

As famous for its roles on the silver screen as it is for being a Las Vegas landmark, its musical fountains are known the world over and thanks to its gigantic size, you'll never miss it when walking down the strip.

Chateau Marmont, LA Featured in more or less every Hollywood-based film ever made, Chateau Marmont is so notorious that we wrote a separate feature on it here. It's fitting that while the hotel has withstood years of earthquake tremors to have hit southern California, it is the celebrity guests' often drug and drink-fuelled behaviour that has almost brought the hotel to its knees.