Qatar's top 5 listings on Airbnb

Doha's luxury apartments will be a good option for 2022 World Cup ticket holders.

Meryl D'Souza April 14, 2016

Depending on how excited you are for a football World Cup that’s six years away, you may or may not have heard of Qatar’s preparation glitches. It seems their sporting world domination plans for football are struggling to meet the FIFA requirement of 60,000 visitor rooms during the tournament.

According to the Qatar Tourism Authority, the country had nearly 20,700 rooms in hotels and serviced apartments as of 2015, and while they’re hoping to more than double that figure come 2022, it will still be short by a large margin.

The organisers have said they are now looking at desert camps and cruise ships to potentially fill the gap, and last week they even mentioned turning to global property sharing website Airbnb to help with the shortfall. Which got us thinking: what does Airbnb offer in Doha?

Qatar currently has more than 150 listings on Airbnb for November this year, the month that the World Cup will be played, and we've taken the trouble to sift through them to find the best on offer - not including serviced apartments offered by hotels.

We’ve even made sure these guys are verified with decent reviews to confirm they’re not dodgy dealers. You’re welcome. 

Host: Iman
Accommodation type: Entire apartment
Price: $300/night
Minimum stay: 1 night

Located in Doha’s most luxurious neighbourhood, the Pearl, Iman’s two bedroom and two bathroom apartment is family and pet friendly and comes with a pool.

Request to book Iman’s listing here

Host: Luka
Accommodation type: Entire apartment
Price: $161/night
Minimum stay: 4 nights

The first of two hosts from Qatar with a super host medal, Luka’s two-bedroom apartment is the dream home you always wanted. Apparently, no one can do it justice with mere words. Reviewers have said so. So look at the pictures and plan your next Qatar trip.

Request to book Luka’s listing here.

Host: Aleksandr
Accommodation type: Entire apartment
Price: $120/night
Minimum stay: 2 nights

Yet another apartment from the Pearl neighbourhood, Aleksandr’s one and a half bedroom apartment features a powder room in the living room. You know, for when you need to look like a million bucks to celebrate your team’s victory party. 

Request to book Aleksandr’s listing here.

Host: Suleman
Accommodation type: Entire apartment
Price: $110/night
Minimum stay: 1 night

If you’re going to head to Qatar just for the World Cup, chances are you’ll be spending most of your evenings watching matches and using some of these tricked out pads just to get some shut-eye. That’s where Suleman’s studio apartment edges out the competition. Everything you need is within the 73-square-metre room and done up so well, you’d feel like you’re in an episode of MTV Cribs.

Request to book Suleman’s listing here.

Host: Halima
Accommodation type: Private room
Price: $70/night
Minimum stay: 1 night

The second of two hosts from Qatar with a super host medal, Halima and her husband offer guests a private room with an attached bathroom in their Doha apartment. Guests have access to a swimming pool and a hot tub! Based on the reviews, we’d highly recommend this one.

Request to book Halima’s listing here.