These two Seychelles projects are the definition of luxury living

If you're ever going to own a second home, own one of these.

Neil Churchill February 23, 2016

Seychelles has always been one of the luxury holiday destinations. Along with its Indian Ocean neighbours the Maldives and Mauritius, it is often at the top of the shortlist for honeymooners.

But owning a holiday home on the archipelago is not something we’d ever considered - even after we told you these 10 reasons for visiting - until we heard about these two places.

One is brand new on the market, while the other has just completed its 500th sale. Given that you need to act fast if you want a place at the latter, let’s start there.

Eden Island 

A 56-hectare development that looks like a floating Emirates Hills, Eden Island has been so successful in selling its 569 units – there are only 69 remaining – that 64.5 per cent of the country’s foreign direct investment over the last two years came from the project.

Positioned 200 metres from the capital island Mahé, the development is due to be completed next year after a 10-year build. Mansions and private villas are dotted throughout the island, which is actually a reclaimed coral reef, with an abundance of beaches and marinas. 

As expected, the homes are built to a luxury standard with a distinct Seychelles design and strong Creole and Asian aspects. Many have huge balconies and verandas that overlook the ocean, mountains and forests of nearby islands. 

Living practically on the ocean, it would be ludicrous not to own a boat. As such, yacht owners have access to berths and moorings that can accommodate 100-metre vessels, so we’d suggest purchasing a small craft at least to get your money’s worth and blend in with your new neighbours.

On the island is a state-of-the-art hotel, which randomly has ‘Africa’s biggest television screen’, a shopping mall, commercial precinct as well as restaurants and bars, meaning you never actually have to step foot on the mainland.

But one of the real selling points of Eden is that property owners and their families qualify to apply for residency of Seychelles, meaning you could literally come and go as you pleased with a permanent visa. 

If you’re in the market for a second home in the Indian Ocean, then you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a more enticing project to drop your money in than this one. Except that is, for Pangia Beach.

Pangia Beach

Pangia Beach is not even built yet, in fact construction hasn’t even started, and yet already it’s won two awards. That should be a sign of the potential this luxury development is offering.

Situated on Mahé just down the road from Eden Island, the luxury development will comprise of 29 high-end beach apartments and four ultra-luxurious penthouses, all with direct beach access and private marina – oh yes, if you’re going to own a place here, you need to own a yacht too, you just won’t fit in otherwise. With one to four bedroom apartments available, prices range from $445,000 to $2.65 million. 

Due for completion in mid-2017, the high-end buildings also come with 24-hour security, a private gym and clubhouse, and an infinity pool. Each apartment has incredible panoramic views over the bay and onto the islands of Sainte Anne and Cerf. 

As with Eden Island, qualifying for residency of Seychelles is also part of the deal with buying a place at Pangia Beach. Get that secured, and all you need to consider each time you visit is how much flights cost. 

As for the flights, both Emirates and Etihad can get you there in four hours, making a weekend getaway to one of the world’s most sought-after destinations seem entirely plausible. So long as you don't mind being surrounded by honeymooners. 

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