You can now rent out an entire island in the Maldives

The offer from the W's Fesdu island resort is not cheap. And by that we mean hideously expensive.

Meryl D'Souza December 9, 2016

Ever wanted to own an island without the hassle of maintenance? Of course you did. We all do. Sadly, owning an island is not cheap and would require a lot of maintenance since you have an actual job and can’t keep flying to and fro or employ more than a dozen people to do your bidding.

Luckily for you, W Maldives is letting its guests take over the entire island resort and treat it like a personal playground. The Fesdu island resort, located in the North Ari Atoll of Maldives, is offering its guests the chance to buy out the whole island for up to a week.

This isn’t a conditions apply kind of deal. The “Extreme Island Takeover” package gives its guests exclusive access to all of the resort's 78 rooms. This means you could decide between staying at a beach bungalow or an over-water villa. 

All 78 rooms come with a plunge pool and patio among other indulgent luxuries. With so many rooms to fill, you may want to save this for a large family holiday, college reunion or better yet, a destination wedding. Guests will also have unlimited access to the overwater spa, which offers a variety of massages and treatments. 

Adrenaline junkies wouldn’t want to miss out on the parasailing, sea-bobbing, jet-skiing and other water-based experiences provided by the hotel. You could even follow that up with snorkelling excursions in the house reef or head over to the diving sites to swim with whale sharks and manta rays.

You’ll need some grub to keep you going after all those activities. The W Maldives is home to six gourmet restaurants and bars ready to satiate any hunger pangs that may bother you. The hotel also allows for private dining in case you can’t be bothered to head to the restaurants. All you have to do is tell the staff where you’d like to gorge and they would do the rest.

There’s also 15Below – the hotel's underground nightclub. Located 15 steps below the island surface, the venue with its glowing cocktails is the perfect place for an after party for those of you who still have some energy left.

Understandably, for all this private luxury, the price tag is not cheap. The W’s Extreme Island Takeover package will set you back a cool $4,000,000 for a minimum four-night stay, going up to $6,250,000 for a maximum seven-night stay – with seaplane transportation to and from the resort included.