This is what beauty looks like around the world

From Iran and New York, this photographer is introducing us to the some of the most stunning women we've ever seen.

Meryl D'Souza December 28, 2016

Three years ago, photographer Mihaela Noroc packed up her belongings, quit her job in Romania and set off globetrotting to document the world’s most beautiful women. The 30-year-old left with just one aim in mind: to capture feminine beauty.

Noroc went backpacking across 45 different countries, snapping portraits of women she met from the Amazon rainforest to an Iranian mosque to a street in New York — highlighting what is considered desirable in different countries. Her journey took her across every continent except Antarctica.

When choosing a subject to photograph, Noroc looks for natural beauty and lively surroundings, generally having about 30 seconds to snap a photo. If the woman is generous with her time and her backstory, Noroc may stay up to an hour. 

Her pictures are part of her crowd-funded collection called The Atlas of Beauty, a project dedicated to proving that “beauty is everywhere and is not about race, money or trends, but more about being yourself, natural and authentic.”

At a time when our ideas of beauty and aesthetic appeal are becoming dangerously homogenous, this is the kind of tourism campaign we thoroughly approve of.