Who is Meghan Markle?

Here’s your five-minute guide to Prince Harry’s new squeeze.

Robert Chilton November 9, 2016

It’s always big news when Prince Harry has a new girlfriend. The lady in question right now is US actress Meghan Markle, star of legal comedy/drama Suits in which she plays paralegal Rachel Zane.

If you’ve missed this hot celebrity gossip so far (that US election thing really hogged the headlines, didn’t it?) allow us to fill you in on the 35-year-old actress so you can bluff your way through the topic when it comes up at your next dinner party.

She has beautiful handwriting

"I used to be a calligrapher for weddings and events — that was my side job while I was auditioning,” says Meghan. She wrote invitations for the wedding of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton as well as cards for designers Dolce & Gabbana. 

She lives in Toronto

Suits has been filmed in the Canadian city for the last five years and, with big ratings and legions of fans, the show looks set to continue for two more seasons reveals Meghan. “It’s been such a wild ride for all of us,” she smiles. 

She loves roast chicken

A healthy eater, Meghan is also a big fan of green juices (good luck convincing Prince Harry on the benefits of that particular drink).

She has political interests

Meghan went to the prestigious Northwestern University in America where she studied theatre and international relations. She interned at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires for six months and then moved to Madrid.

She loves dogs

The actress owns two adopted dogs, a beagle named Guy and Bogart who she thinks is a Labrador/Shepherd mix. Both regularly feature on Meghan’s Instagram account and she says “They are thick as thieves.” Meghan adopted Bogart when TV host Ellen DeGeneres bumped into her at the dog shelter and persuaded her to take the cute pooch home. 

She looks good in designer clothing

Fans of Suits love Meaghan’s character’s wardrobe which, she says, is a lot of Burberry and Tom Ford.

She has a website

Meghan writes on her lifestyle site The Tig, which is named after her favourite red wine Tignanello.

She’s a humanitarian and a feminist

Meghan volunteered at a refugee camp in Rwanda earlier this year and addressed the UN in 2015 as an advocate for women’s political participation and leadership. Speaking of her visit to Rwanda, Meghan said, “I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches – I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works. And this type of work is what feeds my soul, and fuels my purpose.”